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Getting Started with Bitcoin

Name Description
thumb_up | Getting Started create
thumb_up 99 Bitcoins Helping non technical people getting started with Bitcoin create
thumb_up Try BTC A full Bitcoin walk-through tutorial that signs you up with a wallet and even gives you some btc! create
thumb_up First Bitcoin website, started by Satoshi Nakamoto create
thumb_up Bitcoin Core Client software called “Bitcoin Core” create
thumb_up Coinbase What is Bitcoin? create
thumb_up Bitcoin Videos The 10 best videos to watch to learn about Bitcoin. create
thumb_up CoinDesk A beginner's guide to bitcoin create
thumb_up Zebpay Know what Bitcoin is in 2 minutes (by Zebpay) create
thumb_up UKcryptocurrency Cryptocurrency explained for beginners. What it is, and how you can take part. create
thumb_up Hobby Mining Get started with Bitcoin mining create
thumb_up Bitcoin for beginners An introduction to digital currencies. create

Bitcoin Tutorials

Name Description
thumb_up How to Import a Private Key Step-by-step instructions on how to import a private key into many of the most popular Bitcoin wallets. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Core Full Node Setup Setup a Bitcoin Core Full Node on most operating systems create
thumb_up Bitcoin Classic Node Setup Setup a Bitcoin Classic Node on Ubuntu create
thumb_up Electrum Wallet Guide Setup your own secure bitcoin storage. Step by step Electrum Wallet Guide create

Bitcoin Services

Name Description
thumb_up Paxful Buy bitcoins instantly create
thumb_up ShapeShift Trade cryptocurrencies instantly. create
thumb_up blockonomics Easy to use bitcoin financial tracker create
thumb_up O3 Wallet Provide SPV bitcoin wallets create
thumb_up Coinomi Free Secure Open-Source Multi-Coin HD Wallet for Bitcoin and Altcoins create
thumb_up try BTC TryBTC is a tutorial website crafted to show the world how to use Bitcoin in under 5 minutes. create
thumb_up LocalBitcoins Buy and sell bitcoins near you create
thumb_up Zebpay Simplest bitcoin wallet | Available on Android and iPhones. Fast transaction processing | Best rates create
thumb_up Remitano Trade Bitcoin Fast and Securely create
thumb_up BCTip Printable Bitcoin tips create
thumb_up Bitbond Borrow and invest without borders. create
thumb_up Purse.IO Save 15% Off Amazon with Bitcoin create
thumb_up Uphold A wallet that supports saving and freezing the value of your bitcoins in fiat currency create
thumb_up RichFund (yahoo123, Richfund, Richfun-p) For trading large blocks of bitcoins (up to a 1,000) create

Bitcoin Discussion

Name Description
thumb_up Reddit (/r/btc) create
thumb_up Reddit (/r/bitcoin) create
thumb_up Forums Forums create
thumb_up Bitcoin Uncensored Another uncensored Bitcoin subreddit create
thumb_up The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized Bitcoin Discussion Board create
thumb_up Bitcointalk Forum Bitcoin discussion forum create
thumb_up Bitcoin Forum create
thumb_up Bitcoin India Slack Community The Bitcoin India Slack Community! Share your views, ask questions, discuss all happenings in the bitcoin universe :) create

Bitcoin Downloads

Name Description
thumb_up Bitcoin Core The third bitcoin client based on the original reference code by Satoshi Nakamoto. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Unlimited A client to allow the block size to become individually set by the nodes. create
thumb_up Bitcoin Classic Hard forking bitcoin to a 2 MB blocksize limit. create

Additional Bitcoin Resources

Name Description
thumb_up Bitcoin Stackexchange Question and Answer site for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts create
thumb_up BraveNewCoin News The highest-quality daily bitcoin news source. create
thumb_up Statoshi Realtime Bitcoin Blockchain Statistics create
thumb_up Wiki Bitcoin Wiki create
thumb_up Bitcoin Glossary Glossery of Bitcoin terms by Coinbase. create
thumb_up CoinJournal Unbiased Bitcoin news create
thumb_up Buy Bitcoin Worldwide Get help buying bitcoins create
thumb_up CodaCoin A collection of Bitcoin tools. create
thumb_up Eternity Wall Messages lasting forever on the bitcoin blockchain create
thumb_up BitcoinX Bitcoin Exchange Ratings & Reviews create
thumb_up Bitcoin.Directory High Quality Bitcoin Websites create
thumb_up Bitcoin Passive Income News, knowledge, tips and tricks for Bitcoin Investors create
thumb_up RU cryptocurrency channel Bitcoin / cryptocurrency discussion (Russian) create
thumb_up Bitcoin.Travel Businesses accepting bitcoin worldwide. create
thumb_up BloqueZero - Noticias de Bitcoin en Español Spanish Bitcoin News Independent Media create
thumb_up Buyin Bitcoin Anonamously A guide to how you can buy Bitcoin without being traced create
thumb_up Bitcoin tutorials and website collection create
thumb_up Bitcoin Burrow Ultimate Bitcoin guide. Get help buying, mining, and storing bitcoins! create
thumb_up Zebpay Bitcoin Exchange How to use Zebpay app - India's simplest bitcoin wallet create

The Revolution Will Not Be Centralized.

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